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The Minimalist Mindset

Minimalism became trendy. You can read about it everywhere – blogs, magazines, books, Instagram posts, etc. There are also thousands of YouTube videos on how to get rid of stuff. Don’t get me wrong – I fully support the minimalism movement. But being constantly a trend on my Instagram feed, I start thinking that many people embark on the minimalist journey without realizing it is not just a cool thing to do. It is a mindset.

Becoming a minimalist is not about counting how many dresses you have in your closet or the number of magazines in your cupboard. It is about eliminating the excess that does not bring you joy. You can identify it as a physical object, a toxic workplace, or even a belief. I can sum it up like that – eliminate the noise, focus on what makes you happy. You define what works for you.

Thanks to minimalism, I started noticing the small things. Here are some of my impressions in pictures.

Grow a plant
Enjoy the snow
Eat slowly
Collect moments not things

What inspired me to adopt the minimalist mindset is this guy – Joshua Becker. Happy reading!

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