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A Postcard from Prague

The City of 100 Spires

Prague – a city that never stops to amaze me, a place that I always want to come back to. When I went there for the first time I never thought that it would become one of my favourite cities. It is the perfect getaway from Munich, only 4 hours away by bus. It is artistic, full of life and breathtaking views.  There is nothing like a summer night in Prague – listening to the street musicians, watching the sunset, spending time by the river Vltava.

Prague has its unique spirit but I can sum it up like that – imagine pieces of Wien, Paris and Berlin in one city. While researching a bit about the history of the city I came across some interesting facts:

  • Prague was the first city in the so-called former Eastern bloc in which a restaurant was awarded a Michelin star – the Allegro restaurant in 2008.
  • The Prague castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is largest one in the world with an area of 70,000 m², including the St. Vitus Cathedral and the St. George’s Basilica.
  • The Czech drink more beer per capita than any other nation in the world. Expect some good quality beer when in Prague.

Prague Favorites

  • A night by the river – This is by far my favorite thing to do while in Prague. Enjoying the view, listening to street musicians, eating ice-cream. A dream.
  • Czech Dumplings – I was pleasantly surprised by the traditional Czech dumplings, you can find the recipe here.
  • The Jazz Republic – This place is a gem. Found it by chance while wondering what to do in the evening – no entrance fee, just great music.
  • Prague Castle – The castle was a symbol of power for the kings of Bohemia. I really liked the vibe of this place and the beautiful views.
  • The Old Town Square – A beautiful Christmas market is held here if you visit in December.
  • Charles Bridge – Let it speak for itself.



The Accommodation


Staying in apartments that we found on Airbnb & Booking was the best decision ever. Prague is one of those cities which invites you to learn more about its people, so creative and full of life. If I have to describe Prague with one word it would be artistic. I find it more romantic than Paris. Yes, here, I said it =) It never ceases to amaze me how colourful and magical this place is.  I hope I can visit it again in winter time.



Photos: title one by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash
Charles Bridge by Dmitry Goykolov on Unsplash
cups by Tereza Rubá on Unsplash

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