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My Top 5 Favourite Travel Apps

Summer is the perfect time for travelling – the days are long and the weather is beautiful. Planing for a trip is exciting but it involves a lot of details that can be overwhelming. Apps simplify life and this is especially the case when it comes to travelling. Hope that my list would make your life easier. Wish you a happy August! 🙂


Travel light.

Packing is not my favourite thing to do. I have tried a lot of packing apps but there is one that I always come back to. PackPoint is easy to use, gives you suggestions about what to pack depending on your destination and you can share your travel list with family members/friends/fellow travellers.

Available for free on iPhone and Android


Get out of your comfort zone.

I have been using Foursquare for years now. You can create lists with places you want to visit, read reviews from locals and search for shops, restaurants, coffee places. I also use it to keep track of my favourite spots.

Available for free on iPhone and Android

Google Maps


I do not know what I am going to do without Google Maps. I always ask for directions, so the app has made my life a bit easier. Exploring the neighbourhood of your hotel/vacation rental has never been easier. Knowing where to find an ATM or a pharmacy at a new place is priceless.

Available for free on iPhone and Android


Get inspired.

I have always been researching destinations on TripAdvisor’s website but the app is easier to navigate on a mobile device. TripAdvisor has become an integral part of my research when visiting a new place. Thumbs up!

Available for free on iPhone and Android


Be a local.

I must admit that at first I was very sceptical about using Airbnb. Now I simply love it. You can find a place to stay directly from your phone and then send a request for specific dates. I also found it easy to communicate with the host via the Airbnb app. Well, I still read the reviews in detail, but the opportunity to stay at a home instead of a hotel is unbeatable. So, give it a chance!

Available for free on iPhone and Android

Photos: title photo: Allison Marshall, screenshot Foursquare

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