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Learning a New Language

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I had a Spanish lesson in the evening and was thinking on the way home how amazing it is to learn a new language. The language is actually one part of the story. It opens a door to another culture. This is what I am interested in – how culture shapes language.

Did you know that the Eskimos have 50 words for ‘snow’? “Experts claim that the reason some cultures have many words for one thing is because language evolves to focus on the most important aspects of life.”

That’s why it is sometimes easier to explain certain things in a foreign language and not in your mother tongue. Surprising but true for many people including myself 🙂

Here are 3 great articles on learning a new language:

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

1 thought on “Learning a New Language”

  • Hey Vesela,

    Thanks for reminding me of how fascinating languages and culture can be.

    Did you know that the Pirahã tribe in Amazonia is “anumeric” meaning that they have no concept of numbers or time in their language?

    It’s also fascinating that across cultures that are no cut and dry words for certain colors. The Candoshi language, for instance, has clear words for black/dark, white/light, and red. Once you start talking about green, blue, and purple the descriptions and words get lumped all together.

    I even heard somewhere that some languages have no words for guilt. Can you imagine?

    Being natively siloed into one culture and one language is limitless and limiting at the same time. It’s such a paradox.

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