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Japan – My Dream Destination

Day 4 of daily blogging.

There are many reasons why I want to visit Japan so badly. 

Here are three of them:

1. The Capital

Visiting Tokyo is definitely an experience of a lifetime. Some of the places that I want to see:

I am also eyeing some nice Tokyo apartments on Airbnb.

2. The Nature

Japan is not just Tokyo, far from it. I would like to explore the Japanese natural wonders as well.

Mount Fuji is extremely high on my list. Well, it is the highest mountain in Japan and I want to climb it 🙂

The other one is Nachi Falls. “At 436 feet (133 m) it is the tallest waterfall in Japan. The single drop stream plunges down a rocky wall. Seiganto-ji – a Buddhist temple – stands in the backdrop of the waterfall adding an extra charm and mystique to the place.”

3. The Culture

After reading almost all Haruki Murakami books out there, I am deeply fascinated with the Japanese culture. It is so different and at the same time so close. I have recently found this great article in the Udemy blog –  23 things you may have not known about Japan. Happy reading!

Have you been to Japan? Do you have some tips for me? Thank you!

Photo by Benjamin Hung on Unsplash

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