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24-hour Digital Detox


The weekend is the perfect time for a 24-hour digital detox. Lately, I have been spending too much time online and digital detox was highly needed. What I understand under digital detox – switch off all devices and live in the moment.

Here are some ideas for 24 hours without constant digital interruptions.

Be a tourist in your own town

There is nothing better than exploring your own city. I love doing this with a cup of coffee, especially when the sun shines. It is free and you get to see the place in a different light. This is the easiest way to get out of the house and change your perspective. In our busy lives we often forget that the best things in life are for free.


Write, read, create

Use the time to do anything that you have not done in a while. Writing on paper, reading a new book/magazine and creating something with your hands is a perfect way to relax and have some downtime. It is the best medicine to improve your concentration. Take a “me day” once in a while and do not feel guilty about it.


Walking holidays for a day

I have recently discovered the concept “walking holidays”. I have done it together with friends but I did not know that so many tourist companies offer it. The concept is simple – you explore a region on foot and get out in the fresh air. You can do that for a day without special preparation. For example, choose a park or a green area and walk as much as you can. Walking is great for your health and afterwards you feel so much better.


Enjoy qulaity time with your family & friends

Nowadays spending too much time with our devices has turned into an everyday activity. Spending time with loved ones without checking our phones all the time is a luxury. Grab a coffee, eat an ice-cream, enjoy a meal together without digital interruptions. Live in the moment.


Photos: title photo – Cathryn Lavery,  all other photos taken by me

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