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Amsterdam 101

When I was living in Northern Germany, travelling to the Netherlands was a favorite pastime. I have been lucky enough to visit Amsterdam both in summer and winter. It is worth the visit in any season. Amsterdam is a vibrant city full of colors, culture and inspiration. You can reach a lot of places on foot, eat great cheese and enjoy the sun on a boat. Do not rent a car in the city, you do not need it!

I have gathered some tips for those of you who want to visit Amsterdam and do not know what to start with.

Do not miss the view from the public library

On the top of the public library in Amsterdam, the biggest library in Europe, there is a breathtaking view over the city. You can grab a snack from the restaurant on the 7th floor and enjoy the beautiful city from above. The view never disappoints – even when it rains. The public library is hard to miss, it is very close to the central station. It has a very modern design and its highlight is the balcony on the top floor.


Enjoy a canal cruise

This is by far the best way to explore the city. Even if you are not visiting Amsterdam for the first time, give it a go. A canal cruise takes around an hour and you can see a lot of attractions on the go. In winter, I recommend a closed boat, the wind is really strong. In the summer, there is nothing better than an open boat – you can feel the pulse of the city.


Discover Amsterdam on a bike

Amsterdam is a city on two wheels -it is the bicycle capital of the world. There are more bikes in the city than people. You can hop on a bike and reach any destination within the city. My recommendation – rent a bike! There is also a guided cycle tour, it is an amazing way to blend in with the locals.


Visit Nieuwmarkt – the market square

Nieuwmarkt is one of my favorite places in Amsterdam. I am in love with its atmosphere. Its cafés, bars and restaurants are full of life, especially when the sun is shining. It is situated in the old city center, an antiques market and farmer’s market take place during the weekend. You won’t miss this place, its landmark is de Waag–  the Weigh House. It is where Rembrandt painted its famous The Anatomy Lesson by Dr. Tulp.


Whatever you decide to do in Amsterdam, the city will surprise you and make you come back again and again. A post about Utrecht – my favorite city in the Netherlands- is coming up soon.

Photos: title photo by Isabella Jusková on Unsplash, bike photo – Angelina Litvin, tulips photo – Alice Achterhof, all other photos taken by me

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