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Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

This book is not a typical book meant to be read from cover to cover. I bought it because it contained the code for the online strengths assessment. Once you complete the test, you get a list of your 5 top strengths. Then you find the pages in the book that correspond to your results and this is the valuable part for me.

IMG_20160120_182043You get a road map of suggestions and ideas for actions with one single aim – living up to your potential. I love the idea that you should focus on your strengths. In the premise of the book it is said that we spend too much time trying to fix our weaknesses while our potential for growth can be maximized by developing our strengths.

Actually, my test results  did not surprise me at all. Yet it was a good reminder what I am good at.  The book was not life changing for me but it can definitely give you an overview of your strengths and is a good self-assessment tool. I believe that anyone can benefit from it.

My verdict: 4 out 5 stars 


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